Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"And the saga continues. . . " - George Lucas

To All:

I had no idea that my updates were so loved!  Thank you all for your support and faithful reading.  I was going to start blogging about our adventures, but many have requested that I keep sending the updates via email -- so like a good little boy, I'm going to do what I'm told.

We have been to the doctor a couple of times since we've been home to keep an eye on Ethan and his weight.  Unfortunately, I have bad news -- my wife just called after leaving our pediatrician's office today, and Ethan has lost a pound in one week.  He is currently calling our GI Specialist to see what to do next.  That's a lot of weight for an already little boy to lose, so we ask you all to keep him in your prayers.

For those of you who have seen him out and about, you would never know it.  Ethan keeps smiling and hardly ever cries -- he's simply a happy camper.  But the numbers don't lie, and we need to really focus on his weight gain.  There are some "next steps" being considered -- including visits to Boston, Cincinnati, and Denver hospitals for care.  We are also chasing down some "leads" from friends about possible rare diseases (mitochondrial, EGID).  Decisions about where to go and what to do may have to be made sooner than later given his weight loss.

We were so desperately hoping that he would get home, be happy, and gain weight.  Two out of three isn't bad, but we need all the prayers we can get for him.  It has been great having the family together again after two months of disjointedness -- but as with all news we seem to get, it's been bittersweet.  Work is really picking up for me, and I am very busy, so I also ask that you keep Robin in your prayers as she tries to keep the whole circus on the train and moving in the right direction!

If anyone knows how to genetically transfer my ability to gain weight to Ethan, please let me know.  That would certainly be a win-win situation. . . . 

For Now,


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